About Us

Welcome to Elected Officials to Protect New York. We are a nonpartisan, geographically-diverse group of local elected officials, representing cities, towns, villages, and counties across New York, who are committed to protecting our great state.

Over the past three years, we witnessed a growing movement of citizens and elected officials who have become educated on and concerned about the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing and related drilling operations on the health, welfare, and economies of the communities we represent.  We have heard from our constituents and have done our own research. Out of concerns for their well being, over 100 municipalities have enacted moratoria or prohibitions on hydraulic fracturing, and the number is growing.

We have written this open letter to Governor Cuomo to serve as a vehicle to bring together this growing movement of elected officials dedicated to addressing the concerns of our constituents. We are joining together to seek an open a dialogue with the Governor’s Office on these issues, and stand ready to work with the DEC and the Governor for the best possible future for all of New York State.

Jean Kessner
City of Syracuse

Julie Huntsman
Former Councilmember
Town of Otsego

Carl Chipman
Town of Rochester

Mary Jo Long
Town of Afton

Martha Robertson
Co-Founder, Legislator
Tompkins County

Jane Russell
Former Supervisor
Town of Pulteney

Dominic Frongillo
Co-Founder and Advisor, Former Councilmember and
Deputy Supervisor
Town of Caroline