Elected Officials to Protect New York Statement on Governor’s NY Sun Investment

July 9, 2013
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Elected Officials to Protect New York Statement on Governor’s NY Sun Investment

Statement from Susan Zimet, New Paltz Town Supervisor, on behalf of Elected Officials to Protect NY, a bipartisan group of 750 local elected officials from all 62 New York counties. 

In response to the news today that Governor Cuomo awarded $54 million to fund large scale solar projects across New York State, New Paltz Town Supervisor Susan Zimet said, “On behalf of the Town of New Paltz and Elected Officials to Protect New York, representing 750 local elected officials from all 62 New York counties, we applaud Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun initiative and the recent award of $54 million to fund large solar power projects in New York State. New York has always been a precedent-setting state, from abolition of slavery to the women’s suffrage movement to unparalleled infrastructure projects like the Erie Canal. Governor Cuomo’s historic step in leading the nation on solar energy, addressing climate change and growing our clean energy economy adds to this prominent history. Now that the carbon dioxide measurements in the Earth’s atmosphere have broken the dangerous milestone of 400 parts per million, Americans are looking for real leadership on climate change. That means aggressively reducing fossil fuel extraction and use, including fracking which threatens to greatly exacerbate climate change in the near and medium term. Whereas President Obama’s climate plan capitulates to the oil & gas industry and 20th century science, today Governor Cuomo did what very few elected leaders are doing – taking real action.”

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